My husband, y’all……….

Posts this stuff.


And this.

And this.

I’m trying to work here.  But I watch anyway.

Why?  Why do I stop my narrative of growing up as a child of a hoarder?  Working on a fabulous mind-blowing memoir that involves not just Micheal Jackson but Elvis too?  )(YES IT DOES FREAKING READ IT AT SOME POINT IN THE NEAR FUTURE)

Like, serious stuff, you know?

Why?  Because I married a man who sleeps in a room filled with the ’77 AND the ’80 action figures.  Because I find tableaus like this:


He’s a LOTR person.


We were watching a lot of Vikings.

Oh, Batman… geeze.

“WHUT? Don’t fish go in the water?”

bruce & arthur


Yup.  Every morning I look for some subtle change.  Like this.



Geeze. Then there’s the Kadra Work Farm.  Seriously.  He has this whole plot where the stormtroopers are rehabilitated down on the work farm.  Such things as this:

2011-12 089

Seems to be working for him.

2011-12 088


Sometimes, things happen.  You know.  The warden has talked about the troopers propensity of not texting and farming, but you know. It happens.  People gonna do what people gonna do.  Or clones. Or whatever.




And then there’s the desk.  I sit down to check email and find his (extremely) beautiful daughter now has a guard.



And Deadpool. We live near Taco Bell and I think he was trying to talk Cap into a taco he found in the dumpster.  Cap ain’t got an issue with Mexican foods nor our Mexican neighbors.  He just needs gluten-free taco shells.

Let’s not forget. We drank the Kool-Aid.  We went to college.  We majored in Liberal Arts.  English, history.  What the what.  It was the nineties.  And I show him this little guy, knowing KNOWING that he already KNOWS about it cause he reads all the geek collector boards and guess what.


In the package, pristine, it’s worth $660,000.

He says.


“Oh, yeah. I had that as a kid.”

And I say. That’s our house.  That’s our entire mortgage and our student loans and 100k in change left over.

This is how I felt:

Which is how we both feel about our student loans.

Did I mention this freaking blog brings in no actual cash?  You’re welcome.


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