My husband is talented

wpid-20150517_142730.jpg wpid-20150517_142739.jpg wpid-20150517_142840.jpg wpid-20150517_142807.jpg

We live in BEOOTIFUL Laurel, Mississippi, which I’m pretty nuts about.  However, it is a small town, and with married artists (well, Chris works in retail, but you know what I mean) we need to get out. So we go to the coolest town in the state:  Hattiesburg.  I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about working or living in Hattiesburg. It has all sorts of nifty places, one of our favorites is Which Which, cause the sandwiches are so darn good.  If you’ve never been to a Which Which, they’are pretty nifty:  not only can you order through their marvelous online app, but you can enjoy a bit of artwork while you’re at it.  I’ve never seen Chris draw much, but he is very talented.  (He did a self-portrait for me in the early nineties that was amazing).

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