Sometimes, it’s just best to surrender.

So let’s talk about church. Yesterday, I get up, all a-twitter because I don’t have any encumberments in going to church, i.e. a child who is out-of-town (and in a more boring service) and my husband, who went out to do a bird survey on his only day off. This means I get to watch CBS Sunday Morning without feeling guilty that I had to wake him up to do so. I get up early so I can see the show, then I leave at 9 (with thirty minutes left on the show). So I get to church, excited about Sunday School (which is very nice) and nobody shows. I make coffee, thinking, aw, they’re just late, but no. I’m the only one. I missed a memo somewhere.

Someone tells me to go looking in the other class, so I do. When I get onto the elevator, I press the wrong button twice. Then on the next elevator I get off only to slip, spilling coffee everywhere. I try to take a step but it seems like the sole of my shoe has come off. So I hobble around, trying to figure out what to do, when a lady suggests I just staple it. I tried that. Then the staples come out, and I’m left hobbling again. Dejected, I just sit in the sanctuary and listen to them rehearse for service. (We have two violins which are lovely).

Then I just give up and go home only to step in dog poop with my bare foot that got brought into the house by The Man. It’s everywhere. I have to hold my foot over the potty and make it drop off, not once, but twice, then mop where it’s all been tracked through the house.

Finally I just sit down and give up.

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