OMG! I can’t believe you’re here!!! Zowee.

WHOO BABY, come on in!  I can’t believe you stopped by.

And the house is a mess.  An absolute mess.  I’m busy setting up this here WordPress blog (Blogger sucks.  It SUCKS.)  If you want to see my past writing, check out my someone thin blog at and give me some time to catch my breath.

I’m also at which I also have to update since I am no longer named Susanne Bayes.  I am Susanne Carlisle, and I won’t bore you with the wife-and-mother line.  I’m a screenplay editor, middle school substitute, aspiring teacher, and general household whiz.

Please check back, and while you’re here, at least check out the Backstory.  It’s a good one.

Also, take a gander at my Facebook feed. Please like, if you like.  It’ll be one of your favorite feeds as I tow in great crap from the internets.

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